Dreamy loungewear for real people

Lorraine And Blair Is An Artsy, Bold And Sustainable Loungewear Label Based In Brisbane And Founded By Me, Cassie. I’m A Mum Of Four, Loungin’ Lover And Slow Fashion Super Snoozer. My Jam Is Designing Artsy Robes, Boxers And Weekend Bags For You To Look And Feel Your Cutest. 

 Home is where your snoozers are. 

I see you, (secret) style queen. Over there with your original groove. A cool little inner spunk who won’t settle for a plain snoozin’ getup with no sass. You wanna wear something fresh – artsy, cool. And damn comfy. You’re a special breed of zZz lover. One who’s passionate about supporting a small business. A person. A family. A journey. Is that so much to ask?! 


 Move over mass-produced jim jams. 

The problem? You can only find eco-UNfriendly, scratchy pjs that feel like a cat’s tongue. And dull designs that belong on a Carebear (not your angelic caboose). Sure, you could pick up $7 boxers that crackle when you walk. But they’ll drain of colour after six washes. And you’ll end up with some type of awkward crotch-hole catastrophe (been there – sorry, Suze). 


There’s a handmade snoozefest in town (the fun kind). 

Instead, you wanna stand out at your next wine and cheese slumber party with the gals. Loungewear with personality, dreamy robes, snuggle-worthy boxers and one helluva style. Lady, I’ve got chu covered (yes, you and your crotch).  

 We do good for people, the planet and butts everywhere  


 The kind of comfy that snugs you up after a long day of being mum, boss, wifey or bad cop. And there’s not a spaghetti strap underarm flab moment in sight. 


 Hey, I’m Cassie and #Imadeyourclothes right here, in my home studio in Brisbane. Each design is crafted in limited numbers, with heart. 


I’m a bloody perfectionist. So your loungewear comes with the (hard to get) tick of approval – from me (and my booty). Plus, each piece is double-reinforced.  

As seen in

The bedtime story of Lorraine and Blair 

Once upon a time there was a lady called Cassie who lived on a couch, and that lady was me. 

Long ago, after my fourth child (yes, I’m nuts but stick with me here), I bought a sewing machine. 

My babies suffered from eczema and putting them in synthetic PJs didn’t feel right.

I searched high and low, across the land (ahem... Google), and cute, cotton pyjamas were nowhere to be found.
I pondered, “wherefore art thou comfy jimmy jams? Maybe I could –”


But like any bedtime story, danger lay ahead – and this time it was the diabolical Ross River Fever! 

“I’ve got you now, Cassie. You and your usually robust thirst for wine – muahaha!” Evil Ross was right. 

For one whole month, I was glued to the couch, exhausted, feverish and completely sick. 


I guess you could say, I became a loungin’ and snoozin’ expert. But my jims were shockers.

Saggy butts, bally shirts, stealing hubby’s boxers on the reg. I needed cool, breathy, comfy jams not stinky, synthetic pieces that were basically sweaty armour.
So I began sketching and measuring, cutting and sewing…  


I fell deeply in love with the process. With the result of my trial and errors. And with creating my dream comfies.  

That’s when Lorraine and Blair stretched its arms, let out a lion yawn and jumped into the world – ready to save the day.

Why should you jump into bed with Lorraine and Blair?   


Every piece from the Lorraine & Blair label is made using 100% Cotton for a texture soft as angel clouds


I create limited edition pieces, made in collaboration with Australian artists, using bold, original prints


Yep, everything’s made in-house (in my house to be specific) and come with a quality guarantee

Hey, I'm Cassie!

I’m a mum of 4, wife to Tristan, dreamer and at Lorraine and Blair I’m the designer, coffee chick, personal chef, postie, accountant, PR department, print artist (sometimes), official T&T (Tryer-onerer and Tester) and everything in between. 

I’m the first to admit, I’m not the best dressmaker in the universe. Corsets? Ball gowns? No, way snoo-zay (well, just little experiments for me on my days off). 

But Lorraine & Blair’s pieces? I’ve booty-shake tested every design. And put them through the (very intense) waistband, food-baby analysis. 

I design for comfort, and I live in my L&Bs too. I’m often told ‘these are too pretty to wear to bed.’ Sure, they’re loungewear, but I like to think of mine as everywhere wear. 

Want to slip into your comfies and pick the kids up from soccer training? Sneaky icecream trip to the shops? Morning cruise on the beach? I say, go for it.

A family affair

The name ‘Lorraine and Blair’ comes from mine and Tristan’s middle names. Because L&B really is a union and team effort. Every idea is discussed over coffee (or wine), and Tristan stays up late after 12 hour days, helping me label and pack – pouring unlimited cuppas. 

My kids prepare the swing tags, they organise the post outs and always help out. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by this family, helping to support my dreams. 

Wear ‘em & gift ‘em

Many of our Team Snoozin’ slumber members (more on this soon) choose to gift our loungewear and weekend bags to special people. Then, often an extra pair sneaks in their basket for themselves ‘heeey, how did that happen?’

If you’re looking to gift, you’ll be pleased to know that I hand write your message on a cute card, to make your lucky person feel extra special, no matter where they are. 

Loungewear with character

L&B pieces are one of a kind. Not in a ‘la dee da, look at me’ way. More like an I-can’t-read-a-pattern type deal. 

I’m 100% self-taught so sometimes even I’m like “oh, Cassie, you sly dog, at it again with the super hero shoulders I see.” 

But proudly, I’ve never had an item returned. This is something that’s really important to me. And your character-filled PJs? They’re designed to last, too. 

What the heck is Team Snoozin’? 

Raise your Ben & Jerry’s tub. Wedge that door shut. Netflix here we come!

It’s the Team Snoozin’ way. AKA we have a robe on, wine up mentality. 

Got invited to Friday night drinks that always turn into you dancing on the tables and eating two kebabs at 4am – but you’re not 18 any more and the headache isn't worth it? Tell them you’re dreaming. Because you are. 

You’re all snugged up with a bottle of Sav and a facemask from last Xmas. It’s old, but it smells okay and promises a ‘vibrant, dewy complexion.’ AKA it's the perfect sidekick to your Tim Tam dinner in bed.

Share your #teamsnoozin moments wit h us on Instagram, or join our Team Snoozin’ slumber club here. Because self care isn’t always meditating (and never really knowing if you’re doing it right). Baths that you know the kids will interrupt and eating mooshy oats (bleugggh). Sometimes it's just feeling okay with not being a 5am 7 days a week type of person. And accidentally drinking too much wine on a Tuesday with your cat. 

FACQ (Frequently asked cozy questions)

“Do you really make these?”

Yes, really. No Bali plastic bags of stock. No offshore outsourcing. Just me, creating your loungewear. With these two magic hands. In Brisbane.

“What do they feel like?”

Like an angel blew a kiss and turned that sweet breeze into freshly spun, pillowy clouds for your toosh. 

“Where do you work?”

At home, while the kids are in school, in between juggling mum duties and sometimes on weekends (when the tackers are giving me a hot minute).

“What’s your sizing like?”

Good question! Since I design all of Lorraine and Blair’s pieces with comfort in mind, sizing is generous. AKA no armpit crease flub on display (seriously, where does that come from??) or low cuts allowing for rogue boobs to spill out at any moment. Want more info? Sure! Roll over to my sizing chart here.  

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